Murder Mystery

Look for clues, interview the suspects, solve the murder

Murder Mystery Quick Enquiry

DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Location


  • Duration

    1 hour – 6 hours (Average 1.5 – 2 hours)

  • Participants

    6 – 6000!

  • Activity

    Tailored to suit your group

Miss Marple? Sherlock Holmes?

Our Live actor Murder Mystery events are truly unique.

Unlike other Murder Mystery events, our events are not out of a box or a board game. Our talented actors will hide themselves as part of either your team, or event / venue staff and reveal themselves as part of the mystery at key times.

Normally, we will write a script that works with your group and that your team will find completely believable.  For example, your team turns up at a bar and is met by a games facilitator or a key note speaker. Also present is a terrible waiter and a photographer.  For the initial part of the event, the actors will mingle and meet everyone.  Your guests will completely believe our team are who they say they are!

A short while in, just when everyone is getting comfortable, something will happen! Maybe an argument will start between characters or a new character will burst in and make a scene.

At that point we announce that people are at a Murder Mystery event and hand out statement books for teams.  We explain that at some point during the event, someone in the room will be murdered!

Over the next hour or so, there will be arguments, there will be physical fights and there will clues found. From then on, your team must question the suspects, watch out for clues and observe body language so that when the murder happens, teams can accuse the guilty party.

Once the dead body has been removed and statement books are collected, the actors will take part in an old fashioned line up – “Will the real murderer please step forward…”.

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