Give ourselves a
pat on the back!

To say we are humbled to even have this page on our website is an understatement. We are so thankful to our amazing team here at Tailored Team Building who time & time again impress us & all our clients on a regular basis! They are one of the main reasons we have received so many wonderful testimonials & awards to date.

We simply love what we do! We love developing & hosting team building events everywhere across Australia & New Zealand. We have had the privilege of working with some really special clients, who keep coming back to us.

Below are some of the testimonials from our clients & also some of the awards that Tailored Team Building has won to date… this space though as we plan on adding to these!

Local Business Awards 2023
Bullseye Award
Australian Jigsaw Award

For EOFY2023, we engaged a specialised organisation Tailored Team Building to plan an Amazing Race-style urban parkour game that left us utterly enthralled! 💫

The Amazing Race injected pure excitement 💥 into our team-building activities as we navigated the city, unravelling puzzles and conquering thrilling physical challenges. At each checkpoint, we were met with delightful surprises, making the entire experience a joyful and camaraderie-filled adventure.

This exhilarating race fostered a strong sense of unity among team members. Through effective communication and seamless teamwork, we celebrated victories together and provided unwavering support, forging lasting connections 🤝 that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our work environment.

Moreover, the event not only stimulated us mentally but also encouraged us to embrace physical fitness. Engaging in exhilarating urban parkour elements, we wholeheartedly embraced an active lifestyle and felt an invigorating sense of rejuvenation.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the specialised organisation Tailored Team Building for their exceptional planning and execution, which made this remarkable event possible.

Hi Kerri and Jonathan,

Thank you so much for Wednesday, everyone had a blast and they are still talking about it how much fun they had.

Thank you for being professional, but fun and also accommodating to all the last-minute time changes.

And the photos and video’s look are amazing.