Amazing Race Activities

We have created a range of different team building tasks & challenges that fit perfectly into our Amazing Races & can cater to all types of teams. All the challenges are designed to build communication & teamwork – but most importantly to emphasise FUN!

We will work closely with you to ensure that your team gets the most out of your team building event.

Food relay

This is a great warm up activity for the teams to get into the racing spirit. The teams will need to nominate 4 people in their team to be the ‘eaters’. One by one they run up, open the bag, eat a snack item (gluten & dairy free options available) then run back & tag another team member. Once all the snacks are eaten the hosts will give them their next clue.

Cheer routine

The teams will be given either gymnastic ribbons or pom poms & need to come up with a 30 second cheer routine ready to perform! This encourages teamwork & communication & is great fun to watch back as a group later.


Who is the Masterchef in your team? This challenge will test some of your five senses. We will give the teams 6 spices & working together they will need to determine the names of the spices. Once they have all 6 spices correct they will be given their next clue.


Teams will be required to design & create a mascot for their race. They will be provided with balloons & a pump to create their masterpieces. They are also most welcome to carry their new mascot with them throughout the race.

Pipe challenge

The team must transfer a few balls from the starting point to a bucket at the finish line by rolling them down a pipeline. And don’t worry it’s never that simple, there is always a surprise twist.

Map challenges

This is a great challenge to have between checkpoints, teams will be provided with a map & a number of photos. They will need to walk the route marked on the map, making their way to their next checkpoint, but along the way they will need to locate the photos & mark their location on the map.

Photo challenges

We will give the teams a list of interesting photos that they will need to recreate as a team, the more creative the more points up for grabs. We collect all the teams photos via airdrop & will put together a website for you to share with your team after your event.


We have a wide variety of different puzzles that we use as activities, these range from basic logic puzzles to strategic & lateral thinking challenges. These challenges are designed to get your team using their grey matter & thinking.

Eiffel Towers

The teams will be given a bag of craft goodies & are to work together to design & build their version of the Eiffel Tower using these items. We will judge & score their creations.

Marshmallow Tower

In this challenge the teams are given some spaghetti & some marshmallows. They are to work together & build the tallest freestanding tower using only the items provided. The towers will be measured & scored accordingly.

Ring Toss

A number of witches hats are set up at the checkpoint & the team must land a ring around each of the cones before being able to move on to their next checkpoint.

Swat Golf

We set a little course in an area & each team member must swat a golf ball around the course using a fly swat before passing it on to their next teammate. Once everyone in the team has completed the course they will receive their next clue.

Scavenger Hunt

The teams will be given a word & will need to collect items starting with each letter of that work between two checkpoints. This is great to see how creative some teams can get with locating & collecting items.

Shark Tank

Similar to the popular TV show, we will provide the teams with a very interesting product. They will need to create a convincing pitch to sell this product to the host.


Teams will be given some buckets & spades & will need to design & build a sandcastle. They can chose the theme of the castle, but must present a story about their creation.

This is only available on certain Amazing Race courses.

House of cards

This is a great test of patience for the teams. We will provide the teams with a deck of cards & they will need to work together to build a house using every card in the pack. The house must be standing for a minimum of 10 seconds once the host is watching.